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How to delete browsing history?

    Browsing history is a collection of information about our online activity. It can be easily checked from the web browser you are using. If an unauthorised person were to gain access to your computer or smartphone, they could find out in a moment what sites you visit and make use of this knowledge. It is therefore worth knowing how to delete your browsing history in various browsers. We show you how in our guide.

    Deleting your browsing history in Chrome

    Chrome is by far the most popular browser in Poland and the world. To delete your browsing history from it, open a new window and find the icon of three vertical dots in the top right corner. Click on it and select “History”.

    Once in the new screen, click on “Clear browsing data” in the top left corner – the cleansing can be done at a basic level or at an advanced level, where you decide which information you want to delete. Everything is confirmed by clicking on the “Clear data” message.

    Deleting browsing history from Mozilla Firefox and Opera

    These are two also very popular browsers in our country that allow you to delete your browsing history in virtually the same way.

    We open a new window, select “Menu” in the top right corner, then go to “History” and select “Clear browsing history” (Firefox) or “Clear browsing data” (Opera). Done.

    Delete browsing history from your Google account

    Not everyone is aware that if you use Google services and have an active account, e.g. Gmail, you will leave a trace of your online activities on this account as well. If this is the case, deleting your browsing history from Chrome will not be enough as your browsing data is also stored in your account.

    To delete them, it is best to go to, log in and find the “Delete” function at the top of the screen. You now still have the option to select the period of time from which you want to erase your web activity data, and you can indicate which information you want to delete.

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